To Freedom

“Words don’t teach, it’s only life experience that really teaches.”
– Abraham Hicks

Freedom is My Highest Value

… and I believe it’s a value shared by many, many people.

I believe the human spirit is always seeking expansion and fuller expression. However, the world we live in does not exactly provide an ideal environment for it.

My Mission in Life

… is to find ways to freedom and then to share them with you.

Whether it be time freedom or financial freedom, freedom of mind, emotional freedom or spiritual freedom, they each contribute to a better world and a better life.

I believe you can start anywhere but a certain amount of each is required to achieve true success, however you personally define it.

I’m Also Impatient

… because I believe life is short and that time is our most valuable resource.

I believe that when you have the opportunity to spend some money in order to save some time, you should take it.

When you spend some money, you can always make more. When you spend some time, you can’t … get it … back.

Financial freedom leads to time freedom, which means having time that you can spend in any way your heart desires (emotional freedom).

I believe your life is precious, that it should be filled with many, varied and wonderful experiences.

The time I help you save can then be re-invested in those wonderful experiences that lead to personal happiness.

The Purpose of This Site

… (and my business) is to find better, faster, more effective ways of doing things and then to share them with you through books, DVDs, courses, radio, TV and whatever else I can get my hands on.

I believe I can combine these things in varying proportions to free myself and others from the physical, mental and emotional traps that rob us of the freedom we so desire.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m determined to find them.