To Freedom

The true essence of any organisation is so difficult to articulate in words.

This is therefore a living document that we will polish and refine constantly as we learn more about ourselves and the people that we serve.

I established Chris Coney International in February of 2013 after selling my previous company to my co-director.

My previous company (WebChefs) was in the business of Internet marketing. You know, using the Internet to help clients generate new business.

I ran that company for 7 years (from age 22 to age 29) before realising that while successful, I was not fulfilling my higher purpose.

The Mission

My mission of leading people to freedom was born out of the fact that I developed a level of sensitivity towards people. This was probably due to the fact that growing up there was me, 3 sisters and my parents ( but no brothers ).

Being a man with a high level of emotional intelligence I believe is a unique gift because it allows me to very quickly understand people.

Given that I believe you can have everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want, the ability to effectively assess what people want enables me to help them get it as quickly and as elegantly as possible.


I didn’t work this out until after I’d sold WebChefs, but that’s all businesses really do, they find out what people want and then give it to them.

Of course I knew about ‘markets’ in business but I used to see them as just that,  ‘markets’,  rather than groups of actual people. It was impersonal.

That’s one of the things I wanted to do differently with Chris Coney International.

Our Promise and Values

This section makes a public declaration about our values as an organisation.

Your obligation is to hold me and my organisation accountable to these values.

If we ever behave in such a way that goes against them, you must bring it to our attention.

You will be doing us a huge favour.


If we release a product, it will be based on a deep level of knowledge on the subject.


There’s a common misconception that complicated must mean better.

We believe that most of the time complexity doesn’t add any value, it just gets in the way of the result that we want.

Our products will be simple in form and function.


We will adhere to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people as defined by the late Stephen R. Covey.

Be Proactive

  • We will work within our circle of influence
  • We committ to self mastery

Begin With The End In Mind

  • We act with purpose
  • We take every step to fulfill our mission

Put First Things First

  • We commit to the power of focus and will not let ourselves be distracted from our values or our mission by other opportunities, however temping

Think Win / Win

  • When we collaborate we go for win / win or no deal
  • We engage in joint venture agreements that are not created by us or the other party, but a third alternative that is better for both parties than each individual proposal

Seek First to Understand And Then Be Understood

  • We commit to servicing our clients and customers
  • We will always take outside feedback seriously and encourage you to submit it


  • We seek complementary partnerships for collaboration
  • We understand where we excel and partner with others that excel in areas that we don’t

Sharpen The Saw

This links back to the above value of knowledge.

  • We will possess the deepest knowledge within our areas of concern
  • We live by the middle way, which gives us access to the most power