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Money Funnel Marketing – The Book

Money Funnel Marketing Book Cover

The number 1 reason your small business fails to deliver the profits and the lifestyle you dreamed of when you started it is a lack good marketing.

Marketing generates sales, sales means money, and with money you can buy your way out of almost any other problem.

Even if you accept that marketing is important and put a lot of effort into it, that doesn’t necessarily translate into a consistent stream of new customers and higher profits.

Without using modern technology to leverage and largely automate your marketing you’ll never have that edge. With Money Funnel MarketingTM you will.

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The Materialism Manifesto

The Materialism Manifesto - Book Cover ImageWhen it comes down to it, good feelings are what we are all striving for.

The goal of every other goal is to feel something. Everything else, money, cars, houses, holidays etc are just a means to an end.

The problem is that the amount of energy we put into getting these things is huge compared to how long the satisfaction lasts. This doesn’t seem fair does it?

In this short book I explore how we are taught strategies that are supposed to get us what we want, strategies that aren’t very effective but that get continually passed down from one generation to another without question (until now).

If you think the strategies you’ve been taught ARE effective then please do not buy this book. In The Materialism Manifesto I offer an alternative way (and for me the only way) to achieve the feelings we desire. What I suggest may surprise you because my 3 recommendations are simple, practical and they work.

This book was written specifically for Kindle. It get’s straight to the point. There’s no long winded introduction, no foreword, no acknowledgements, nothing. It contains just the information that I want to share with you that will help you, if you act on it.

So give it a chance. The book is just 7,000 words which would take the average reader 2 hours to finish. This means it won’t take you long to decide whether my insights are beneficial to you or not. They are, it’s just a question of whether you will put your disbelief on hold for 2 hours while I share with you what I know.

Over to you.