To Freedom

I’ve begun to participate in the BitShares community. Initially I’ve been doing this via a regular haunting of the community forums at

BitShares is at the moment my no. 1 favourite crypto project. This post isn’t designed to explain why that is though.

As syncronicity would have it, someone on the forums asked the very question that I’d been mulling over in my own mind.

This was a question that I’d come to a solid understanding of not long before.

The question posted by this community member was “What gives BitShares value?”.

This has almost exactly the same answer as the question “What gives anything value in an economy?”.

These kinds of questions can’t be answered by one answer.

To fully answer the question several answers need to be explored from the various angles in order to get an understanding that is ‘3D’ as it were.

I guess you could say that the truth is not flat :)

Anyway I’ve got my recording studio setup in my house now and this presented me with an ideal opportunity to play with it, purely for enjoyment and contribution.

The video I created (above) is what I created and posted on the forum to answer this fellow members problems (and anyone else who stumbled upon it on YouTube).

I probably need to do some more of these explaining exactly what the crypto world is all about for those that haven’t got a clue about it.

All in good time.


Bye for now.

P.S. This crypto stuff fits squarely into the ‘physical’ or ‘financial’ freedom category and has the potential to impact the others too.

P.P.S. Please report any spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors via the contact page. Thank you.

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