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Ego SpiritualI’ve thought about this for a while, but only recently when I went for dinner with a dear friend of mine did I become inspired to write a post about it.

I’m under the impression that I coined the term ‘ego-spiritual’ but there’s every chance it’s been used before.

The ego is ever the contrarian. No matter what we do, it always takes the other side, even if what we did was it’s idea in the first place!

That’s a whole other blog post.

The ego is the sense of self. To say self, means it’s an identity. To have an identity, it has to identify with something.


The ego can latch on to anything, anything.

That includes the spiritual path itself.

Here’s the paradox of spiritual growth. Because the divine is ineffable, there exists a lot of words to try and describe it (and there’ll be an endless stream yet).

Because there’s so many ways to describe the divine and as many sets of instructions on how to know it, it opens up a massive opportunity for the ego to hijack things.


The ego loves a comparison.

It either wants to feel superior to another or it wants to make someone else inferior. I know they are essentially the same thing, the difference is where the main focus is.

The pinnacle of being ego spiritual is when, for example, I first generated my Human Design chart and found out I was a 6/2 profile.

For a little while after that there was a subtle feeling of superiority within me ‘because I am further up on the incarnation cycle’.

That’s true but this is a dualistic reality, meaning whatever you point to must have an opposite.

Specifically in the context of my Human Design profile, yes there are certain traits of being a 6/2 that may at first appear ‘superior’ but in the light of objectivity, when all aspects of my profile are considered, there’s as many aspects that could be considered a pain in the royal arse.

The first 30 years of my life ‘the trial and error phase’ as Human Design calls it, was absolutely what I experienced, it was horrific and I’m so glad that’s over.

So what was my thought process?

Walking down the street, looking at people thinking “Hey, I’m a 6/2, Role Model Hermit, I bet you’re not”. Completely ego spiritual, completely identified with a piece of information.

What does identification have at it’s core?

A lack of awareness.


Without growing in awareness there is no spiritual evolution.

You can have all the ‘knowledge’ of spirituality, you can memorise the bible word for word, you can go on every retreat on the planet, but none of that has anything to do with being spiritual.

The joke is that you don’t have to do anything to be spiritual. We are spiritual beings, being spiritual, we can’t help it.

The time when we cease to be spiritual is when we try to be spiritual. Trying is doing and doing is not being.

Being is not doing anything.

So when the ego attaches a reason such as ‘I’m more spiritual than you because I’m a 6/2’, the spiritual connection has been lost, and it’s so easy to do.

So in essence, any identification disconnects us from being.

The point of this post was to point out that even ‘the spiritual path’ can become an ego construct.

It’s probably the best thing for the ego to attach to if it doesn’t want to get caught out.

Where better to hide than to walk right along side us on the spiritual path like we’re travelling the road together.

The last place you’ll look for the enemy is in the war room of your own army headquarters.

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