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Cryptoversity Vector Ubuntu-tight-wp-courseware-certCryptoversity is an online school that pays you to learn about Bitcoin, crypto-currencies and blockchains.

It exists to level the playing field when it comes to opportunities for economic prosperity, so that we can rebalance the distribution of wealth and close the enormous gap between rich and poor.

It redistributes wealth back into the community, creating equal opportunities for all.

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The Marketing Mandala - A Socially Conscious Marketing Framework For Small Businesses

The Marketing Mandala

The Marketing Mandala is a socially conscious marketing framework for small businesses.

It is designed to empower small businesses to get their conscious offerings into the hands of the people whose lives can be transformed by them.

The intention being to enrich the many instead of the few.


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Forex Brain Trainer

Forex Brain Trainer is the fastest way to learn the most common Forex candlestick patterns and improve your success rate.

In addition, trading Forex is one of the best ways to achieve time freedom and financial freedom.

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