To Freedom

Here’s a list of third party products and services that I use and recommend.


The Human Design System is the next generation of self-knowledge.

It is a user manual for your life.

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The Holosync Solution


Holosync is a series of audio soundtracks you play while meditating. Through the use of binaural beats Holosync creates a greater rapport between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

It also stimulates the brain in such a way that your threshold for stress gradually increases.

Click to visit the Holosync website and try Holosync for free


YNAB Software (You Need A Budget)

YNAB is not just the best personal finance management software I have ever seen, it’s one of the best bits of software I’ve seen, period.

Once a week I download a file from my online bank and then import it into YNAB. I’m then able to categorise every transaction and see spending trends, budget for everything and always feel in control.

Click here to visit the YNAB website


Roboform Password Manager

Running various online businesses and consulting with clients means I have accounts and logins in abundance. Not only that I’m in and out of dozens of them each day.

RoboForm not only remembers your usernames and passwords, it remembers the location of each sites login page so you just click the ‘Passcard’ and it automatically goes to the relevant login page, enters the username and password and clicks login. It’s fast.

Click here to visit the RoboForm website