To Freedom

A lot of stress and unhappiness is caused by the passage of time.

Managing your time in such a way that minimises stress is the best approach to keeping your productivity high, your performance high and your profit high.

Let me just state a fact. There will always be more for you to do than you have time for. So stop fretting over this mystical place called ‘caught up’.

Talking specifically about work, the reason you have more items on your to do list than you can possibly complete means you are being fully utilised.

Yes you could manage your time better but whatever time you save, that space will automatically get filled with more or new stuff.

Now that we know we will never get everything done we can take a sigh of relief. The game is no longer about getting everything done, it’s about what you get done.

I spoke in a previous post about setting aside time to make posting every week realistic for me, then I didn’t post for a few weeks.

My temporary departure was due to a new book project that I’ve begun working on in collaboration with a few other speakers. The time I set aside each day for writing has been taken from writing blog posts and directed at producing content for the book.

Could I have continued to do both? Yes probably but then I’d be going over the amount of time I have allocated to writing, meaning something else would have to suffer. This is an absolute no no if you want to avoid causing stress in other areas of your life.

The book takes priority which just means me posting a little inconsistently until its completed.

The book is about purpose and will contain many different ideas from different people who found their life’s purpose in a different way. Having multiple authors in this way will give the book a broader appeal than a book written entirely based on one persons opinion.

To be honest, I’m quite excited about it.

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