To Freedom

mfm-102Since selling my web marketing business I have been mostly focusing on building my own online businesses.

I’ve done a few private trainings over the last 12 months but nothing major.

I am however ‘coming out of retirement’ so to speak, to conduct a special one day masterclass to teach ‘the money funnel system’.

This is an online marketing strategy that is on the cutting edge.

It’s not cheap but then you wouldn’t want it to be.

I’ve always said “‘I don’t want things to be cheap, I want them to be worth it”.

If you are starting up a business or have an existing business then I invite you to come along, because if you don’t have good marketing, your chances of success are greatly reduced.

This one time event is being held on Thursday the 6th of March 2014 at the Heathrow Novotel Hotel, London.

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