To Freedom

Constantly a man should reflect and ask himself, “What good thing have I done this day?” then the setting sun will carry with it a portion of his life.
– Sarngadhara Paddhati

Reflecting at the end of each day is a good habit anyway in my opinion, and it’s a habit one has to form.

This quote to me means that if you draw your attention towards the good deeds you have done that day, then as the sun sets, no one will be able to take away that achievement.

For example, there will only ever be one day ever that carries today’s exact date. So whatever good you do will go down in history. Your good deeds, in fact all of our actions make an imprint on the world.

If you took a snapshot of the world at any one moment, that picture is make up of every minute detail of what everyone in it is doing at that particular time. Including whatever you were doing.

So when it says ‘the setting sun will carry with it a portion of his life’ it means that forever, the imprint of that day in history will include whatever good you did.

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