To Freedom

I’ve just booked my flights in preparation for attending The Satori Experience in a months time.

One of my big passions as you may know is what I refer to as ‘The Enlightened Workplace’. If you’ve never heard me talk about this before, a very brief understanding can be gained by understanding Theory X and Theory Y of business management.

I strongly subscribe and believe in Theory Y, which would explain why I would be attracted to something like The Satori Experience.

This is a meeting of high achievers who are also very interested in ‘conscious business’.

I refer to this as companies who measure results using triple bottom line accounting.

You hear it in the news about ‘profits’ being the sole focus of business. You hear it in the workplace ‘we need to improve the bottom line’. That’s ‘single bottom line’ accounting and is a thing of the past.

Modern workers, modern buyers, the modern world, it demands more than ‘profit at all costs’.

The triple bottom line means measuring the impact a business has in terms of people, planet and profit. That is what I’m about.

The ‘people’ aspect of triple bottom line accounting is especially attractive to me because I believe enlightened work environments to be in perfect alignment with my mission of leading people to freedom.

There’s nothing more thrilling for me than getting together with people who share my beliefs and values in this area, so I cannot wait for this latest opportunity.

If you want to see an example of a company that exemplifies ‘The Enlightened Workplace’ check out Mindvalley.

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