To Freedom

simon-coulson-100-sqIt was around about 8.30 am and I was ‘designing the day’ as I call it.

Being a platinum member, I went to check the next time Simon Coulson’s group was meeting.

I noticed that Simon was holding one of his famous 3 day Internet marketing courses. I thought to myself ‘oh, I didn’t realise. If I’d known I would have gone and helped out as a coach’.

Then it struck me ‘There’s nothing stopping me doing it still…’.

It takes me 5 hours to get there and the course starts tomorrow morning so if I was going, I had to go today.

I pondered it silently for about 10 minutes, made a phone call and then decided to go.

Now during those 10 minutes, what was I doing?

I was using my MindControl method to determine whether my decision making mechanism was correctly calibrated.

I’m going to teach this in a future product but for now let me just say I was weighing up the two sides of whether to take the opportunity to go or to stay to focus on what projects I have on.

As you may know I believe firmly in the power of focus. In the past I have done myself a disservice by jetting off here and there at the cost of getting some actual work done.

On the flip side, my whole thing is about freedom.

One key to avoid becoming a prisoner of yourself is to practice spontaneity.

The habit of sticking to the familiar can become a dangerous one because the longer you repeatedly practice doing the same thing, the more ingrained the habit and the harder it becomes to break.

Habits are good, they help by putting behaviors on autopilot so we can continually do things successfully. 

However, change is an ongoing and necessary part of life.

You may have heard it said that if you keep doing the same thing you’ll keep getting the same result?

Well no because doing the same thing will actually mean your results will decline over time because you are not keeping pace with the changes in the environment.

So coming back to the key, I believe in actively stepping into the unknown.

This is something you have to consciously practice. Not only so you can keep pace with change in the environment but also for when an unexpected change comes your way that you didn’t initiate, you will not be phased by it.

Tony Robbins teaches us that certainty is the first human need, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But he says if you need too much certainty, on those occasions when things become uncertain, you’ll freak out.

That was the basis on which I decided to go to Simon’s at a moments notice, to exercise my uncertainty muscle.

Plus there’s the added bonus that Simon’s course is so comprehensive, it often overwhelms people with the amount of information they get.

Having me, someone with 8 years of business and Internet marketing experience sat with them on their table, will be of huge value.

In the end I have not violated the principal of focus because I remembered that I can work from anywhere, and so I shall.

This article was drafted, proof read and published, entirely on a train, using a Lenovo laptop tethered to an iPhone 4S accessing the Internet via Virgin Mobile’s 3G network : ).

(For anyone who is interested, this is the mobile deal I’m on at the time of writing).

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