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tcs2014Hello friends and happy new year for 2014.

I’ve had this subtle feeling since the last part of 2013 that this is going to be my best year ever in every area of life.

I don’t say that lightly, and it’s kind of a strange feeling I’ve not really had before so can’t say much more about it.

Anyway, it wasn’t long into 2014 that I got my first taste of what’s to come. I’m heading out to the US for the Traffic and Conversion Summit 2014.

The event has now officially sold out but if you want to check it out go to:

2013 – The Year of StressControl

Last year I spent a lot of time helping people in the psychological and emotion freedom areas, with the StressControl system being the main focus.

That was a really great experience and StressControl can now continue to help people in those areas for years to come.

One thing I’ve learned while studying the stress industry is that money is a major source of stress.

Having enough money doesn’t just reduce stress it also creates financial and physical freedom.

When asked what people would do if they had more money many say “travel”, which is what I mean by physical freedom.

So that’s my intention going to this event,  to be able to help people more in the financial area.

Having started to offer my marketing consultancy services to business owners again this year I felt an even stronger need to make sure I stay on the cutting edge.

If you happen to be attending this event too then maybe we’ll bump in to each other.

Crowd Funding

One more thing before I go, which was the point of writing this article in the first place.

Over the xmas period I came up with this amazing idea when thinking about how to help more people achieve financial freedom.

The world is becoming more democratised thanks largely to the Internet so the way we do business needs to adjust.

In line with a more symbiotic way of doing business I created a crowd funding project which you can check out here:

I did this for two reasons:

  1. To empower more people to move towards financial freedom
  2. To give the trip a greater sense of purpose

By changing my approach, so that I’m going more as a servant of a group of people rather than just for myself, it suddenly takes on a whole new level of meaning and contribution.

If you feel like investing then be by guest, you do really need to have a business but it’s not absolutely necessary as I’m sure there’s some pure money making ideas to come out of this.

And if you want to make a comment on this innovative way of doing business then drop me a line.

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